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Frequently Asked Questions


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1. What Is the Function of this website?

This website is designed to allow you to compare prices and costs of removal services from up to six removal companies at any one time.
Follow the online steps and submit your quotation request to receive no obligation removal estimates from haulage companies in your locality.

2. How do I use the website to compare quotes?
Follow the 5 simple steps from the to submit your request for a removal quote:

  • Step (.01) Select your Region from the List. Note that if you choose Northern Ireland you will be re-directed to our Site. 
  • Step (.02) Choose Your County. Click your location on the map or decide from the dropdown list.
  • Step (.03) Type of Move. Are you moving house, office, business or internationally. Note if you choose the international option you will be redirected to our website.
  • Step (.04) Decide from a list of up to six removal agents. You can select as many or as few as you like. In the checkbox tick the companies you would like to receive a quote from.
  • Step (.05) Fill in the Quotation request form providing as much information as possible to allow your chosen companies to give you an accurate quote.
    Click send and wait for a reply.

3. What information do I need to provide to get an accurate quote from my chosen removal companies?

  • Please try to supply as much relevant information as possible. Many people often provide incorrect estimations of the amount of goods they wish to move so it is helpful to offer a detailed checklist. Overlooking items now can end up in your move costing more than expected.
  • Provide information on accessibility. Remember that additional costs may apply if the removal involves hauling up or down stairwells, elevators or lifts. If you live in a narrow street is there access for a large moving vehicle or will the Removal Company need multiple small trucks to remove your personal belongings?

4. When and how will I be contacted?

  • Our quotation request form allows submission of both your telephone and email details. Please ensure that both are correct so that the removal firms have a definite way of contacting you.
  • It is general practice for the movers on this website to respond to your request within about 24 hours. (If you place your request on a weekend or holiday you may not receive a reply until the next working day.)
  • If you are not contactable at certain times of day please state this on your quotation request form so the removal agents can contact you at time more convenient to you.

5. How is my Removal quotation estimated?

Moving professionals sometimes quote by the hour however it is more likely to be calculated by the volume of your shipment and the distance to the final destination. If not provided in your estimate, please ask for a detailed breakdown of how the costs were estimated as well as which services are included for the quoted price.

6. How do I know which is the right quote for me?

  • Depending on the area you are moving from this website allows you to obtain an estimate from up to 6 household moving firms. Choosing the most beneficial quote can often prove a difficult decision.
  • Do not choose a company simply because they have the cheapest estimate. Remember that whoever is operating your removal will be in charge of shipping your most valued and cherished belongings. The peace of mind that knowing that your shipment will be safe is often worth paying extra for.
  • Does the firm provide all the services that I require for example- Packing or Storage?
  • Moving can be a stressful time so choosing a Company with a professional and personal attitude goes a long way to alleviating the pressure.

7. How much notice do I need to give the Moving Companies?

  • Domestic Removalists in Ireland appreciate as much advance notice as possible. The more notice you provide the more likely the company will be able to accommodate you into their schedule. If they are given sufficient planning time they can sometimes include you in a part load heading in the same direction- thus saving you money.
  • Many movers are also specialists in last minute moves but to get the best deals book in advance!

8. What is the best time to relocate?

The summer months are generally the busiest period for Relocation Companies. Nevertheless, the relocation should be arranged at a time most suitable to you.

9. How Long Will My Move Take?

Each move is different and so a precise estimation is very difficult to access. The amount you are moving, distances involved between collection and destination points as well as the time of day, weather conditions etc...can all have an effect on the duration of the removal. A removal specialist within each of your chosen companies should be able to provide you with a close approximation.

10. Should I pack my own belongings?

  • This is a personal decision. A packing service may incur an extra charge but it also helps to take some of the anxiety out of your move. A professional packing team will have access to specialised protective packing equipment that will ensure that your goods arrive in the same condition that they left in.
  • Beware that unless packed by a professional mover your goods might not be eligible for moving insurance. Breakages or damages caused by the move would therefore be your responsibility. Ask a moving representative within your chosen company for more information.

11. Why Choose a Professional Removalist?

With relocations taking place on a daily basis your residential mover should be able to offer advice and tips that can assist to make your move hassle and worry free. Trained professionals know just how to handle your valued treasures minimising the chance of damage during transport. You can also insure your goods for the duration of the journey if transported by a competent and professional mover.

12. What If I want to move internationally?

Many of the Removal Companies on this website can offer International Relocation or can put you in touch with an International Removal agent. However for the best and most accurate International Quotes please consult the website (Beware- Clicking the link will redirect you from this page.) As Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom it is classed for the purposes of this website as an international move. Please refer to the link above to get a quote from the Republic to Northern Ireland.

13. Do I need Insurance?

Although this is a personal decision we at removals-ireland recommend that you take insurance when moving. If you are interested ask the removal companies for the price of insurance when placing your quotation request.

14. What If I cannot be there on the moving day?

  • Your moving company should not leave the contents of your home unsupervised. It is your responsibility to be present for the duration of the move to make sure that the moving agents do not leave anything behind or remove an item by mistake.
  • If you are not at the new premises to accept the goods the removal company may place them into storage until you can be contacted or available to sign for them in person- be aware this additional storage will incur charges.
  • It is advisable that if you cannot be there yourself authorise a person to accept or sign for delivery of the goods on your behalf. It is always best to discuss this with the relevant removal firm so that they will not be expecting your presence on the day of the move.

15. When do I pay for my move?

This will be established with your moving company after the quotation is provided. Most companies expect payment upon the initial collection of your goods. Speak to an advisor within the company to find out any additional terms and conditions.

16. What is my property is damaged during the move?

Removal Professionals will always try to take care with your belongings throughout the move. In the unfortunate circumstance that something does get damaged you need to talk to your removalist. If you can establish negligence on their part then their insurance should take care of the repair or replacement. It is advisable to insure your goods whilst in transit.

17. Is there anything I cannot Ship?

  • Removal Agencies will not handle hazardous materials or foodstuffs.
  • It is best not to ship alcohol if possible as it has the potential to damage other goods if broken. Special arrangements can be made for Wine Collections etc…
  • Toxic or Poisonous goods such as insecticides will also not be carried.
  • Foliage and Shrubbery is also not hauled by most carriers. Please ask the advice of your moving specialist for more information.

18. Do I Need To Disconnect Appliances?

  • Your removal assistants will not disconnect appliances for you so ensure that any Refrigerators, Cookers, Washing Machines or Freezers are removed from the mains before removal.
  • Clean and empty your Fridge and Freezer before shipping. Remove any trays, shelves or accessories that are likely to get damaged during the removal.
  • Washing Machines and Dryers must be drained and dried in accords with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • If you are moving items like Petrol lawnmowers or other such equipment please ensure that they are properly drained of all flammable material prior to transport.

19. Is It Possible To Eliminate Moving Stress?

Moving is said to be one of the most stressful things you can do during your lifetime. It may be impossible to eliminate but you can go a long way by following the guidelines below:

  • Remain in control and Organised.
  • Plan ahead and create a moving schedule
  • Create a checklist which will help you coordinate your contents in an arranged fashion.
  • Place a quotation request through this website and compare removal companies at the touch of a button.
  • Choose an approachable and personal Removal Agent who will cater to all you needs and give you indispensable advice when needed.
  • Spread the load. Allow your friends and family to assist you in your move and delegate tasks to them.
  • Prepare a file with all your moving paperwork so that is accessible and can be consulted at any time.

20. Why Should I List my Removal Service on this website?

If you are a Removal/ Haulage Company or simply a man and van service then we have a business opportunity for you.

  • List on this website and receive quotation requests from genuine requestors looking to move house.
  • Boost your business and respond to hot leads moments after they have been requested online.
  • There are no obligations or hidden charges or fees. Simply list online and watch your client base grow.

21. How do I get my business listed?

  • From the homepage simply click the <<get you company listed>> link.
  • Depending on space and availability we may be able to offer a no obligation <<free trial>> of what the service has to offer.
  • To set up a listing today fill out an application form and return it via fax or scan and email to one of the following:

Direct Phone: +44 203 51 48 054
[email protected]

22. What other services does our company offer?
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Current compare services available in The Republic Of Ireland are as follows: