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How can I save Money on my Move?
This is a question universally asked by individuals wishing to relocate whether it is for business purposes or personal reasons. Below we have provided some tips on how to save some money on your removal.

1. Book your move in time
If you give sufficient notice to your chosen company they can often offer better rates. This facilitates them as they have time to organise and plan any staffing or vehicle issues that need to be addressed.

2. Pack Yourself
Choosing to pack materials yourself can cut a considerable slice out of your moving costs. If you do have access to packing materials such as bubble wrap, boxes and other packing paraphernalia then most Removal Companies are happy to offer these at a reasonable rate. 
At the packing stage you can also access which goods need to be packed and which goods are no longer required. Remember most companies cannot insure your goods if they are self packed.

3. Cut Down On Your Belongings
Every item takes up space and weight and thus must be paid for. It is recommended to have a clear out which allows you to discard or recycle unwanted items.

4. Sell Unwanted Items
During your clearout why not separate unwanted items which you can sell or give to charity

5. Disassemble Furniture Yourself
Many items in your home are too big to be moved in one piece for example beds, sofas, wardrobes, bookshelves and closets. Instead of paying your removalist to take these apart why not do it yourself. Keep any relevant screws, nuts and bolts in a safe place (A sealed envelope with the name of the piece of furniture written on the front is useful).

6. Ask your Friends For Help
Knowing the stress involved most of your friends and family will only be too happy to help. Help with packing and loading is always beneficial. This will also save you valuable time which you can use on other pertinent matters.

7. Bring The Items To The Removal Company
If you are moving internationally why not bring the goods directly to the removal agent or port as this will save you in the region of 20% off the overall price.

8. Deliver Small Items Yourself
If you are moving domestically within Ireland and you have access to a vehicle it should be possible for you to move some small items yourself. Although you may not be able to handle large items like beds, wardrobes, cabinets etc…you should be able to haulage smaller items which would fit in the back seat or boot. Even if you have to make one or two trips it may save you money on the cost of your move. Why not get access to the keys of your new house and begin moving today!

9. Be Flexible
If you are flexible with your moving day this may help you to negotiate a better price with your removal company.

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